How much is to watch videos on Pnnny?
Pnnny is a little different. There are no subscriptions so you don't have any monthly obligations. What you're doing on Pnnny is prepaying for watch time in the same way that you can for cell phone minutes. On Pnnny you purchase credits. Each credit is equal to six minutes of viewing time.

If I play a one hour video but I don't watch the whole thing, do I have to pay for the whole video?
You are only charged for the video you actually watch. Meaning, if you start a one hour video but just watch 6 minutes of it, you are only charged 1 credit. If you watch just one minute you will only be charged a fraction of a credit. We report the time watched on 5-10 second intervals as you watch. When you hit 360 seconds (six minutes) we charge a credit. 

I'm a creator, what steps must be taken and/or what threshold must be met in order to achieve monetization?
The short answer is there's no threshold. The only barrier of entry to monetization is to get approved as a content creator, filmmaker, or distributor. The moment someone watches your film or show, you're making money. 

How much money can I make on Pnnny?
Royalty rates vary. Check out our Royalty Rates.

Is Pnnny creating a walled garden? Will I be able to post content here as well as other platforms?
We're open. There is no exclusive deal here. You own your content and you can repost it where you want. 

Where do you see Pnnny going feature wise?
Check out our product roadmap -  https://trello.com/b/QMw4WR6e/pnnny-platform-roadmap

Will I be able to view in-depth analytics of my channel, its content, and its viewers/subscribers?
Long-term yes. Right after launch, those metrics will be pretty straightforward but we plan do provide deep views into the watch-data we have. Because we bill specifically by minutes watched we'll be able to provide a heat map of how each video was viewed. Regarding creator royalties, you'll be provided with a detailed receipt of minutes watched. Subscriber counts will only be available to the creators and will never be visible to the public.

I found some of the music in my videos in various places. I don't remember to be honest. Can I still upload my video to Pnnny?
We can't bend the rules on copyrights. Everything on Pnnny is either owned outright by the creators or we have licensed the content via a distributor. All music has to be royalty-free or creative commons or you must have explicit written permission. 

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